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Creating innovative pathways that help students achieve their education goals.

Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes ventured into the field of education in the year 1988 with Sri Aurobindo School in Bhopal, where we understood the need of an ecosystem where students not only get to learn in the classrooms but the teaching goes beyond that.

Our purpose, philosophy and vision of providing the best ensures that we continuously evolve and grow.

With this intent of offering the best education and experience to the students, and a lot of research, the promoters founded Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences in the year 2003, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Dentistry in the year 2004 and Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy and Sri Aurobindo Institute of Management and Science in the year 2009.

Having created a mark in the field of higher education with over 30 years of experience, we realise the need of purpose based learning which is personalised. With this idea, we are now committed to offer school education in Indore to ensure that the children have a very strong foundation where they explore, learn, find a purpose and become responsible towards the society.