Nordic High International School


Our Vision

To be a distinguished learning institution which will empower learners to build a sustainable future together.


Our Mission

  • Impart finest quality education with stimulating learning opportunities to our students which will invoke an individual talent, ignite wisdom and inspire them for a life-long love for learning.
  • Our timely nurturing through effective coaching, guiding and mentoring will bring out a dynamic citizen who will be able to meet the needs of a complex modern life.
  • Our integrated education will induce students with the virtues and values for fulfilling balanced life with an optimistic approach and constructive attitude.
Nordic High International School

Our Philosophy

  • Competitive yet Humane: While we prepare children for a competitive world by providing them with necessary skills and attitude, we also make them compassionate towards the world around them by our curriculum which is built around UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Traditional yet Modern: We ensure that the children imbibe Indian Culture and values and remain close to their roots for life but at the same time we prepare them for a modern world which provides opportunities across the globe.
  • Local yet Global: Our curriculum is built around CBSE as its core so that subjects, skills, and disciplines are relevant in the local context along with internationally recognized Finnish teaching practices to create a seamless educational journey.
  • Collaborative yet Personalised: Our education system empowers children to be creative, innovative, adaptable, and collaborative problem solvers, with excellent communication skills at the same time our curriculum, teacher training, excellent student-teacher ratio and technology enable our school to provide personalized education for each child.