Nordic High International School

Principal's Desk

Education Is The Gateway To Ultimate

Dear Parents,
I welcome you to Nordic High International School Indore. NHIS is a school which empowers students to become creative, innovative, adaptable and collaborative problem solvers with excellent communication skills.

As the Principal of the school, I am extremely enthusiastic to be part of this innovative education system which focuses on shaping a child's future by focusing on an individual’s capabilities.

At NHIS, we ensure a purpose-based education system that is personalized and locally relevant. The fully integrated interdisciplinary system pushes the child to discover their passions and creativity through the Nordic Baccalaureate, Finland curriculum, pedagogy, and Smart Learning Platform. The unique methods of learning from pre-K to grade 12, prepares the students to be future ready.

There is no denying that the new way of practical learning and contextual competencies will help the students master enhanced skill sets. Not only that, education being purposely, mindful and personalized, bridges the gap between the school and the real world. Our school is a place where your child will flourish from the very start and acquire skills that will provide excellent opportunities in the future.

We believe that every individual's growth will ultimately help create a better future. We focus on developing the student’s own personal preferences, passions and strengths. We teach students to not only excel in their education but also manage their physical and emotional health by instilling grit, perseverance and empathy to deal with challenges of the real world. Every child has the ability to master anything under accurate mentorship. We make sure that students are guided in the right path along with abundant coaching by our educational system. In this day and age, Nordic High International School is the right way to raise your child. With an unknown future, it’s always better to have competencies to take over opportunities and we know that through our dedication and commitment with students, they will take on the world.

We look forward to collaborate with you for inspiring mindfulness in our children!

Asha Singh